Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally
Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally

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Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally

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Benefit from Natural Treatments

Discover the Gateway to Enhanced Relief

Our comprehensive range of natural cannabis-based products offers proven efficacy in addressing diverse health conditions. These non-toxic solutions are affordable and accessible without the need for a prescription.

Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally

Our Products

Tailored, Safe, and Effective Solutions

Cannabis Tinctures

Harness the power of all-natural supplements that support your body's endocannabinoid system, fostering healing and improved overall health.

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An exotic variety of premium THCa, CBD and CBG flowers, each with their own scent, flavor and effects.

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Discover the benefits of our CBD supplements. Choose between Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Sleep Aids, Stress/Anxiety or Pain Relief solutions.

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Discover tinctures, edibles and topicals crafted to calm and alleviate pain for your pets. (cats, dogs & horses)

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Treat Skin irritations or Relieve muscle and joint pain with our soothing creams and balms.

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Dry Herb Vapes

Embrace a safer inhalation method, free from the carcinogens when smoking your medicine.

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Mobile Natural Medicine

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Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally
Cannabis: Empowering Health Naturally

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From our customers

Always Professional, Always on Time!

Bermy Boy

Very helpful people helped me with my anxiety


These guys were so helpful and their products were excellent. I come from BC where we have the best MJ in the world and I tell you I was not disappointed.

Angela T.

Best and safest medication in Bermuda! I highly recommend Best Buds for both product quality and service!

Prince L.

Easy and friendly user website and delivery of products additional he would meet up with you and make recommendations for your treatment . I love that they work and are so reasonable in price and the wide selection. This way can use it everyday to manage my pain with no side effects like the drugs I was prescribed by the doctor that left me pain free but with nausea, brain fog and feeling tired. The impact for me is I’m managing my pain so I’m much happier! I use the capsules, rub, flower and oil but don’t have to use the oil as much now that I can take the capsules everyday! I think they play a very important role in educating and bringing in top notch products that actually work. My advice is to book a meeting to have the conversation and find what will work for you start off slowly it’s about healing not getting high! People can stay engaged by social media their web page and making contact to learn more first hand and how it can be beneficial for o them personally!


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