Delivery FAQs

  1. How fast is delivery time?  
  • Our goal is an hour or less though occasionally when its busy it may take a little longer.  
  1. What is the cost for delivery?  
  • We provide our island wide delivery service at no extra cost.  
  1. Where do you deliver?  
  • We deliver island-wide to private homes, hotel rooms and air bnbs.  
  1. What kinds of cannabis do you have? 
  • We strive to have a variety of cannabis strains throughout the year.  If you have a favorite strain let us know and we might grow it. 
  1. How is your cannabis grown?  
  • We use minimal amounts of nutrients and purified water to grow cannabis in our hydroponic gardens.  Our processes include only using organic products to kill garden pests and any bacteria or pathogens in the air or on surfaces in our grow rooms. 
Delivery FAQs: Find answers to common questions about our delivery service, including shipping times, tracking orders, and returns.

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