Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower (3.5 grams)


Product Overview:

  • Bubba Kush Strain Overview:
    • A true Indica-dominant hemp strain, ideal for a relaxing evening experience.
    • Provides a simple and unadulterated sensation, akin to a warm blanket fresh from the dryer.
  • Origin and Characteristics:
    • Sourced from Oregon’s sun and soil, ensuring a high-quality CBD hemp batch.
    • Prominent lemon and clove notes on the nose, complemented by tasting notes of cocoa and coffee.
  • Notable Features:
    • Elevated levels of D-limonene and a-humulene contribute to a delightful bouquet.
    • Tailored for evening use, making it a perfect choice for unwinding and relaxation.
  • Overall Appeal:
    • Stands out for its distinctive flavor profile and soothing effects.
    • Offers a comforting and sensory-rich experience, reminiscent of a cozy evening wrapped in warmth.
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